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Root Armor                Wire Mesh Methods

  • Lasts a Lifetime 

  • Easy to Assemble

  • Easy to Handle

  • Safe for Plants

  • Will Not Change Soil Chemistry

  • Correct Size Openings Allow Roots to Grow Out & Plastic Will Expand As Roots Thicken

  • Safe for Future Digging if you Forget Where they are Located         

  • Corrodes & Rusts Away (Under 2 years)

  • Hard to Assemble 

  • Hard to Handle / Hard on Hands

  • Leaching Not Safe for Plants

  • Will Change Soil Chemistry 

  • Wire Mesh is Only Good for Fine Plant Roots, Not for Tree Roots. Roots Cannot expand while growing against sharp wire 

  • Future digging is dangerous if location of wire mesh is unknown     

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