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Root Armor is a multi-use protection barrier for under and above ground use. Plant with Root Armor underground to defend against root eating gophers, moles, ground squirrels and more. Use above ground to protect young growing plants from rabbits. Poisons and repellents do not work and can cause major health issues. Root Armor is Made in USA of 100% recycled water bottle caps and cups. One 4 pack of our 5 gal unit is made with 817 water bottle caps, 62 plastic cups or a combination of both!  Easy to assemble and handle and will last a lifetime! Stop wasting time with ongoing battles with plant predators and begin protecting your beautiful gardens.
Garden Predators
A Gardeners Nightmare No More!
Simple Methods of Use
For Ground Dwelling Predators

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Assemble & Install
In-Ground Prior to Planting
Assemble & Install
 Above Ground
 Prior to Planting 
Alternative Use Above Ground
For Protection From Rabbits
RA Rabbit.jpg
Its Hard Work
 Don't Lose Any
To Rabbits 
Why Root Armor?

Plants and Trees are expensive and you only want to do things once. Prevent root damage and you will not need to replace your plant or tree again. 

Wire baskets are hard to form, and handle. They can cut your hands while constructing, and can cut you while gardening in the future when you don't remember where they are at! Root Armor is made of plastic and is very easy to handle and assemble. 

Wire baskets will corrode and rust in a short period of time leaving your root systems open to gophers and moles. Root Armor is a permanent barrier which will last a lifetime. 

Galvanize wire mesh leaches into the ground as it corrodes and changes the chemistry of the soil. Galvanize is not good for your plants and is toxic. Root Armor is made with plastic and is safe and will not change the chemistry of your soil. 

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